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Each ring bespoke; each moment unique. Ethically sourced diamonds. Authentically knowledgeable team. A supportive journey from conception to delivery.

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Past Work

Get inspired by the custom made ring designs we’ve produced for hundreds of satisfied clients over many years.

The Durham Rose Experience

The Durham Rose Experience

The Experience

Truly bespoke engagement rings: you tell us your story in words, we say it in a one-of-a-kind design

The Durham Rose journey is as unique as your love. Our CAD designers are skilled, patient and experienced in many manufacturing processes. Whether your dream is vintage style, minimalist or gothic inspired, we obsess about the details until every one of our custom engagement rings are perfect. We’re with you every step of the way.


We know you are looking for the best value

We know you are looking for the best value

Our journey starts with a no-commitment consultation and is guided by your vision, style and budget. We will help you make the right choices of metals and gemstones, and strive to give you the most incredible ring at the best possible value.

Our design process delivers the ring of your dreams at the value you are comfortable with. Each piece is created to your specifications, no surprises, and none other quite like it. Every Durham Rose design is presented with a detailed quote, each cost is fully explained. You will not find this level of transparency anywhere else.

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Meet our Designers

We don’t sell you a diamond.
We help you find the perfect one for your bespoke ring.

The choice of centre stone generally represents over 70% of the total cost of the ring, and as such, requires thoughtful consideration. Whether your design calls for a diamond or a precious gemstone such as a ruby or emerald, our designers will provide helpful, unbiased advice. We are diamond connoisseurs who will act as “sommeliers” and will go beyond the standard 4Cs of diamond education to make sure you choose a diamond of superior light performance – a diamond of unparalleled brilliance and sparkle. Our pre-selection process will include mined and lab-created diamonds, as well “Crafted by Infinity” unique diamonds of hyper ideal-cut proportions. We will narrow down options that match your style and budget and present their qualifications so you can make an educated decision with the utmost confidence.

Prefer something else?

Durham Rose has thoroughly vetted and developed relationships with ethical gem sources all over the world. If the gem that best expresses your vision is an Australian Opal, a luscious Amethyst from Mozambique or a serene Brazilian Aquamarine, we will turn that vision into reality with an exquisite coloured gem. Read more

Durham Rose Ethos

custom engagement rings from Durham Rose

Durham Rose Ethos

During this journey, we will spend a lot of time considering the beauty and value of gemstones and the design of the ring that will hold it. At Durham Rose we realise our craft is not possible without access to amazing precious resources extracted from the Earth, which are processed by human beings around the world. That supply chain connects us all and demands that we act responsibly.


Knowledge Hub

We have spent years studying and training, and have become experts in all matters of CAD design, gems and jewels, so you don’t have to be. It is true that some of the choices you will encounter along the way may seem overwhelming. Relax. There are no right or wrong choices, there is only what is right for you.

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