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Three stone engagement rings – also known as trilogy engagement rings – are second only to the solitaire ring style when it comes to popularity. As rich in symbolism as they can be in sparkle, these are rings that carry extra meaning, even when bought off the shelf. But when custom designed, they are something truly special. So, what do you need to know about creating your own bespoke three stone engagement ring?

How to Get the Trilogy Engagement Ring Look

What is a trilogy engagement ring?

As the name suggests, the trilogy engagement ring consists of three central stones rather than one. In traditional engagement ring design, the trilogy ring would have one larger centre stone, flanked by two slightly smaller stones. But in contemporary ring design, you can find a range of three stone configurations. From rings set with three stones of the same size, to stones that run vertically instead of horizontally, ascend in size, or combine different types and shapes of stone. And if you design your own trilogy engagement ring, the placement of your stones is entirely down to you.

Why are three stone engagement rings so popular?

Trilogy engagement rings have always been popular. Partly because they look beautiful. But also because they carry a lot of meaning. Depending on who you’re talking to, the three stones can symbolise the past, present, and future, which is why the emphasis has typically been put on the centre stone. Or love, fidelity, and friendship – said to be holy trinity of any marriage.

This popularity was also given a fairly recent boost by Prince Harry selecting a trilogy engagement ring to offer to Meghan. Which returned the evergreen style to the spotlight.

How can I design the perfect three stone engagement ring?

There are four main factors to consider before beginning your ring design process.

  • Your budget. It’s always sensible to go into any project with a budget in mind. That way, you can shape your design around your means, limiting later disappointment.
  • Your partner’s aesthetic preferences. The most successful custom designed engagement rings are those which reflect the future wearer’s taste and personality. So, take time to think about what your intended really wants from their ring. Sometimes, understated designs can be more stunning than blatant bling.
  • Your choice of metal. The metal you choose to create your ring will influence not only the cost, but the way the ring looks. So, it’s important to think about metal type as much as stone type.
  • And your choice of stone/s. The trilogy ring is all about stones. You need put thought into whether you want one, two, or three types of gemstone. You need to think about their size, their placement, their colouring, and their setting. And also, whether you want to incorporate other gemstones into the design, either around the band or in a halo.

Trilogy engagement rings are elegant, beautiful, and have the potential to be timeless. They carry sentiment, and offer endless opportunities for unique design accents. We love them. And we think that your significant other will do too.

Are you thinking about designing your own three stone engagement ring? Find out how Durham Rose can help.