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There’s a tendency, when it comes to custom engagement rings, to think that big is always better. That you need a big, bold stone. That you need the brightest bling. And that anything less than an a-list dazzler is going to fail to live up to the occasion. But here’s a question – have you ever tried to do anything even remotely practical with a large haloed 2.00 carat diamond ring on your finger?

Big, showy engagement rings can be breath-taking. But although the media would have us believe that a diamond headlamp is what every bride-to-be would aspire to, small and understated can still be utterly beautiful. And sometimes, minimalist rings are better than even the most scintillating of showstopping statements.

The Durham Rose Guide to Understated Custom Engagement Rings

The current trend for understated elegance in engagement rings calls for simple, clean lines and uncomplicated designs.

Let’s look at some examples of work we’ve carried out for previous customers.

The solitaire custom engagement ring

If your taste runs towards classic styling, the solitaire engagement ring is the perfect choice. Simplicity is at its core. And although larger solitaire diamonds can create a magnificent focal point, smaller stones can be equally exquisite. While coloured diamonds and other gem types can be selected to give your bespoke ring its unique character.

Double claw solitaire engagement ring with hidden gems

Gorgeously simple from the outside, the double claw setting of this ring gives it real character. While the gems hidden within the inner band add a beautifully intimate touch.

Yellow gold and platinum bezel set round brilliant crossover solitaire with emerald and peridot flush set peak stones

Because the stones do not sit proud of the setting, bezel set rings deliver a sleek elegance that few other designs can compete with. But with clever design, they can be every bit as scintillating as rings with clawed settings. In this design, platinum is used to enhance the round brilliant’s sparkle.

Platinum ring with a bezel set salt and pepper diamond

The elegant shape of this platinum ring with its pear-shaped setting is enough to recommend it. But it’s the striking salt and pepper diamond that makes it really pop.

Other minimalist custom engagement ring styles

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a change from the traditional solitaire design, you might want to consider the use of multiple smaller stones. If you break away from the archetypal design favourites, you can come up with a look that is exquisitely modern.

Contemporary platinum engagement ring with diamonds and luminescent cabochon moonstones

When you think of bespoke engagement rings with multiple stones, the image is usually striking, but busy. This ring is anything but. Designed to be worn with harmonising wedding ring, this magnificent piece takes a truly contemporary form that we’ve never seen before or since.

Organic sculptural engagement ring with swiss blue topaz stones

The bezel setting again comes into play with this lovely custom engagement ring. Only this time, it is used to hold four small topaz stones selected to accentuate the organic sculptural detailing. We love this ring because it shows that you really don’t need to break the bank on diamonds to make something truly special.

Three stone amethyst diamond engagement ring

It’s the sinuous bypass design that gives this ring its outstanding elegance, while the tension set amethyst and bezel set diamonds sing out without ostentation.

Simplicity is at the heart of understated design. It’s what powers the minimalist movement and appeals on so many levels. And for engagement rings, it has more to offer than you probably realise. So, if you’re looking for an engagement ring for your fuss-free bride-to-be, don’t cave into the pressure to go big or go home. Take a look at what understated design can offer you. You might be surprised by what you can come up with.

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