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Well, we can’t believe that it’s April already but my goodness, we’re absolutely not complaining because it’s an all round beautiful month. To start with, we’re loving the longer evenings – we did have visions of going for healthy runs to make the most of the extra light but to be honest, that’s not really happened. However, there’s been lots of amazing jewellery that’s filled our month so let’s have a little look at that…

To start with, welcome to all of the loved up couples that we’ve been working with this month. There have been some brilliant design consultations both in the studio and via our fabulous online system and we’re working on some truly stunning engagement rings. We can absolutely confirm that diamonds are still the engagement stone of choice but there have been some fantastic ideas including a gorgeous double halo cushion cut design and you can get a little peek at that here.

As we get closer to wedding season, we’ve also been working on lots of bespoke wedding rings and we’re really happy to see that there are lots of guys out there having their own wedding bands made. We might be biased but we do have some great designs for guys and everything from traditional to contemporary styles can be found in our men’s wedding ring collection. Mixed metals are proving to be super popular this summer but it seems that classic smooth lines are still going to be gracing lots of weddings this year. 

These are a set of wedding bands produces for a couple using the ladies contour band as a pattern to overlay on the mans concaved organic shaped band. We think its pretty cool!

If it’s almost the most popular time for weddings, it’s also time to celebrate lots of anniversaries and we’ve been thrilled to welcome back our wedding clients who are now looking for eternity rings. Giving the gift of a bespoke eternity ring as an anniversary gift is more popular than ever and our delightful designs are certainly going to be brilliant surprises for lots of lucky wives. Diamond filled bands are the most glittering option and we love them but which to choose from our range of eternity rings? Now that’s a nice problem to solve! 

This beautiful rose gold and diamond filled band isn’t any ordinary eternity ring, but it’s amazing! This was commissioned for a 50th birthday present.

Beautiful trilogy ring set with both the wedding band and eternity ring covered in diamonds.

Whilst we’re talking about rings, let’s address an oft-asked question and that is what order to wear your jewels. Well, for us, there’s no hard and fast rule as it depends on lots of things – your lifestyle, your personal preference, the styles of the bands themselves and many more things beside but the popular order is to wear your wedding ring closest to your heart then your engagement ring and your eternity ring although some people follow the tradition of wearing the newest ring closest to their heart. We say wear them however you like because jewellery sat in ring boxes makes us very sad indeed!


Stacked Rings On Hand – via Wedding Bee

All Other Images – Hot Pink