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Hello again and, if you’ve recently joined us after a festive proposal or if you’re hoping that someone’s going to pop the question soon, welcome! Today’s feature is all about how to define your wedding style and I can promise you that getting this nailed as soon as possible will really help you create the wedding you want. It will also save you a lot of time, stress, effort and potentially money too. So, before you dive into the world of wedding planning, let’s define your bridal style…

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I have no doubt that you’re already the proud owner of at least a couple of wedding magazines and a Pinterest account and both of these things are essential starting points. Flick through your magazines and search on Pinterest for wedding images then save those that immediately appeal to you. Make it a real gut reaction and choose the pictures that you really identify with. You’ll start to notice a pattern very quickly and this is the basis for your bridal style. Don’t forget to dip into the wedding blogs too as most allow you to search for images by style and their archives are HUGE!

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Straight away, just from the collections of images that you gather, you’ll be able to spot whether you’re a classic bride, a woman who loves a little bit of urban sophistication or if you’re someone who just wants a rustic, relaxed wedding day. There’ll be common threads in the dresses, locations and details that you pick out and these form the basis of your wedding planning.

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From here, you can go hunting for a venue that suits your style. In years gone by, this would mean trawling the phone directory (remember those?!) and requesting endless brochures from places that were all actually pretty similar. Now, you’ve got super stylish directories such as Coco Wedding Venues and Little Book For Brides to help you out. Straight away, you can see the venues that will match your style and concentrate your time on these.

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Once you’ve got your venue booked, you can move on to selecting the rest of your wedding suppliers and now you’re sure about your style, it’s much easier to find the wedding professionals that are on the same page. If you’re an alternative bride, check out Mr & Mrs Unique for suppliers who’ll come up with great ideas for your day and, if you’re a classically elegant bride, high-end US blogs such as Style Me Pretty and Junebug Weddings also include brilliant UK suppliers in their handpicked directories too.

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Because you know your bridal style, the moment you hop onto a supplier’s website, you’ll immediately be able to get a feeling if they’re going to make it onto your shortlist. Does it look as if their style matches yours? Are the images they’re sharing the type of photos that you saved back at the start of this process? If the answers are YES, then you’re already half way there. The next step is to talk to suppliers and again, because you know what you want, you’ll know quickly if the supplier you’re talking to is on the same wavelength. If they are, you’re set for a happy relationship and a gorgeous, super personal wedding.

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Whatever your bridal style, don’t be afraid to bring in extra elements that speak volumes about you. If you’re a huge animal lover, famed traveller or acknowledged book worm then you can absolutely include touches in your wedding day that reference your hobbies. These little details can be included in any style of day and, by working with a style you’re comfortable with and adding in even more snippets of you throughout the day, you’re guaranteed a wedding that you and your guests will absolutely adore.

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Classic: Left –  Style Me Pretty Top Right – Whimsical Wonderland Weddings Bottom Right – Huffington Post

Rustic: Top Left – Boho Weddings Top Right – Love My Dress Bottom Left – Who What Wear Bottom Right – Rock My Wedding

20s: Left – Brit + Co Top Right – Wedding Venues Bottom Right – English Wedding

50s: Top Left – Ruffled Top Right – Polka Dot Bride Bottom Left – Rock N Roll Bride Bottom Right – Ruffled

City: Left – Junebug Weddings Top Right – B.loved Bottom Right – Style Me Pretty

Sparkle: Top Left – Style Me Pretty Top Right – Anna Delores Photography Bottom Left – Wedding Chicks Bottom Right – Etsy

Hobbies: Left – Deer Pearl Flowers Top Right – Wedding Chicks Bottom Right – The Wedding Of My Dreams