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Custom Engagement Rings

Each ring bespoke; each moment unique. Ethically sourced diamonds. Authentically knowledgeable team. A supportive journey from conception to delivery.

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From delicate bands to gothic-style engagement rings, browse through a gallery of our previous projects created for clients just like you.

The Durham Rose Experience

The Durham Rose Experience

The Durham Rose Experience

It all starts with a complimentary design consultation which can take place in person or online! We will use our specialist 3D modelling software, giving you the experience of seeing your design being built in real time. We are also here to help you with all things jewellery related, from understanding the four C’s to selecting the perfect design that will work with your lifestyle and budget.

Following your consultation you will receive photorealistic images of your design to make sure that everything is perfect before proceeding to the next stage.

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How Much Does it Cost?

Our journey starts with a no-commitment consultation and is guided by your vision, style and budget. We will help you make the right choices of metals and gemstones, and strive to give you the most incredible ring at the best possible value.


custom engagement rings from Durham Rose

We are diamond connoisseurs who have curated a highly selective diamond criteria – looking beyond the 4Cs – to find you the perfect diamond that will suit your lifestyle and price range. Our pre-selection process will include mined and lab-created diamonds, as well “Crafted by Infinity” unique diamonds of hyper ideal-cut proportions.

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We’ve trodden the path hundreds of times before so whether you have a clear idea about your requirements or are just looking for more information, let us guide you seamlessly through the journey by getting in touch today.