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Telling the world that you’re engaged is one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments that certainly needs to be savoured and enjoyed. I absolutely recommend making the most of the moment as you spread the happy news so here are some really great ways to announce your engagement. However, before you get carried away, make sure you’ve told your nearest and dearest in person first – there are some people who should always be top of your list!

irstly, there’s nothing quite like a bit of old-school brilliance when it comes to announcing your engagement and as Benedict Cumberbatch proved recently, the ‘Forthcoming Marriages’ column is certainly the place to be seen. Whether you opt for The Independent like Mr. Cumberbatch or if you prefer the ever-popular pages of The Times, seeing your name in print will be something you’ll always remember.

While we’re talking about the traditional and timeless, you still can’t beat a bit of snail mail. Sending an engagement announcement to friends and family in the post is just a brilliant idea and who doesn’t love getting happy mail like this? If you’re planning an engagement party, your announcement could double up as an invitation or, if you’re super organised, you could even include a save the date card for your wedding!

I have to admit that I love the thought of doing something a little different and these amazing origami hearts are just wonderful. A relatively easy bit of DIY, you can personalise them so you’re sending something truly individual to people – they won’t forget this piece of post in a hurry.

However, as delightful as all of these old-school options might be, I have absolutely no doubt that you’ll be hitting social media pretty soon after that ring is on your finger to tell the world of your change of status. Why not make it a bit more fun with a suitably excitable selfie? Just get your beautiful new ring in the shot or spell out an announcement that you just can’t miss! Failing that, get someone (or something!) else to tell the good news. Let’s be honest, who can resist a cute pet bringing messages of love?

It’s good to share and the same is certainly true when it comes to your good news. Why not become the most popular person in the office with by bringing in cake or doughnuts that just happen to tell everyone your news? So much more interesting than a company-wide email!

You know you’re going to need a whole new outfit plus co-ordinating accessories for your wedding day so why not just start a little bit earlier? Why not go for the rather fab ‘Feyonce’ message on a t-shirt if you’re brave or just a mug if you’re not! Also, how about giving your barista a smile as you give them a ‘soon to be Mrs.’ name for your daily latte as you pull your purse from your newly engaged bag? Yes, now you’ve told absolutely everyone, you’re totes getting married!


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Announcement Origami: via Eat Drink Chic

‘I Said Yes’: Left – via DIY Network Top Right – via Swooned Bottom Right – via Praise Wedding

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