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There’s no doubt about it, proposing to the one you love can be a nerve-wracking occasion. But there’s absolutely no need to worry and Hot Pink is here to help. You’re guaranteed to be Mr. Popular if you pop the question with one of our fantastic engagement rings but why not take it to another level with a proposal that’s just all kinds of brilliant…

Food & Drink

In our opinion, some of the best proposals are those that just sneak into everyday life and these unexpected bursts of romance are perfect if a big show-stopping proposal just isn’t for you. Incorporating your ‘will you marry me?’ into a dinner at home or even an early morning coffee is a great idea and, with a little extra planning, you can do something really rather special. Imagine a weekend breakfast in bed, complete with a mug that hides a special message in the bottom or an indulgent dessert served with a spoon that’s sure to leave even a favourite pudding untouched. Or, for a passionate foodie, why not include the engagement ring itself in a sweet treat? Let your mind run riot and make the most of the power of the unexpected!


We also love the thought of incorporating a hobby or interest into the proposal and, let’s face it, by the time you’re ready to get engaged, you should know all there is to know about your beloved! If they’re an avid reader then hollow out some pages of a suitable book, highlight an appropriate word or passage and hide the ring inside. A film buff could find a sparkling solitaire in their popcorn or you could bring out the Scrabble board for a games evening unlike any other!

Cute & Creative

Let’s also not forget the power of the cute and the heart melting when it comes to proposals. Frankly, we couldn’t resist a dog with a ‘marry me’ tag or an engagement ring attached to its collar and we’re quite sure there aren’t many who could. A handwritten book full of reasons why you love your partner ending with a proposal or an old fashioned love letter will certainly get hearts racing and we’re also big fans of a creative proposal – a big balloon with a tag urging the recipient to ‘pop me’ can hide an engagement ring beautifully or a concertina message hidden in a box that reveals the ring at the last minute is also more than a bit brilliant.

Inside Outside

The romantic picnic has been a favourite proposal setting for years and whilst they certainly take a little extra planning (and you might even need to involve friends to help you set everything up), they are worth it for certain. Pick a lovely location; add flowers, food, rugs and cushions and lots of pretty details and you’ve got the perfect backdrop. However, if you want to weatherproof your proposal, why not opt for an inside event? Again, go to town with decorations and delicious treats and surprise your loved one with an evening in unlike any other.

Captured on Film

A proposal really is an once-in-a-lifetime moment and it deserves to be captured. We think the photobooth proposal trend is just fantastic – set the camera clicking, pop the question, reveal the ring and capture the moment and all the reactions forever. You could book a romantic meal and stop off at a photobooth en route or even pop the question before heading off on holiday. Another great idea is to have a professional photographer hidden near your chosen proposal location so that they can record everything for you. If you keep these photos a secret, you could even give them to your partner on the morning of the wedding as a brilliant surprise gift.

So, now you’ve got all the ideas you need to start planning a great proposal, we look forward to helping you select a vintage, contemporary or unusual engagement ring that everyone will fall in love with. Why not book your consultation now?

by Tamryn Lawrence


Hidden Photographer – Shannen Natasha via Green Wedding Shoes

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Coffee Cup – Preston Bailey

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Macaron – via Pinterest

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Scrabble – Lauren F Liddell via Style Me Pretty

Outdoors Proposal – Q Avenue via Ruffled

Picnic Proposal – Milk Photography via Style Me Pretty

Indoor Picnic – Mikaela Ruth via A Paper Proposal

Valentine’s Box – Caroline Tran

Puppy – Christina Karst on The Bridal Detective