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Welcome to our 1st jewellery blog. This is going to be driven by our love for jewellery and all the fantastic things we are getting involved with here at Hot Pink. We will be publishing a blog on a weekly basis to give you the low down on the jewellery industry. This will give you an insight into the latest trends and designs, offer technical advice and show you a glimpse into the world of Hot Pink.

So, I’m the newbie within the Hot Pink team and I’ll be blogging to all our lovely customers. What am I blogging about today? Well, it’s Friday which is surely everyone’s favourite day of the week, even more so as I learnt when I arrived at work this morning it’s also cake day, woo woo what a start! Any transition into a new company can be a little daunting to begin with but I’ve already discovered it’s pretty awesome here and it’s only my 3rd day. We went to Belgique for cake by the way and it was amazing!

A little more about me…..  I have a degree in Metalwork and Jewellery Design and my career so far has been within the jewellery industry. I started working for a platinum and diamond specialist both in the sales and design team. From there I have turned my hand to designing and making my own range and I have worked for Gemvision selling the world’s leading CAD software I now find myself at Hot Pink working with the design team to fulfil our customers’ needs within the bespoke design area of the jewellery market. 

My 1st few days have been an experience! It has been fantastic to see some of the designs we are producing and to get involved with the customers. In order for us to be at the top of our game we are huge on customer service and our number one goal is to satisfy. Word of mouth is a powerful tool in any business, so all feedback is welcome. Please check this out when you have a minute 

Take a look at this beautiful ring produced earlier this week. The open setting is very elegant and gives the piece a minimalist feel, where the top is a classic halo cluster set of perfectly by the simplicity of the band.  I’m not sure how much work I am going to get done with all this sparkle floating around and all the cake I am required to eat, we shall see.

What else have we been up against….laser engraving. Is it just us or is it notoriously difficult to find a laser engraver? Look no further than the London Assay Office. We used their 1 hour service which was fantastic; we can’t believe we weren’t already aware of this. This also meant we were able to deliver the ring to our customer the same day in time for the weekend.

As I say it was been a gentle transition period this week into what I feel is going to be a great career opportunity and a great working environment……. let’s see what next week brings.