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If you’re looking to buy an engagement ring, the choices can seem overwhelming. There are so many different options – styles, stones, metals, sizes. And yet for all that, finding ‘the one’ can be next to impossible. That’s one of the reasons why custom engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular. They allow you to create something totally unique and totally ‘you’. A ring that reflects the wearer’s personality, as well as your incredible relationship. But for a lot of people, designing their own ring is a totally unknown quantity. Here are a few things you might not know to clarify the process for you.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Custom Engagement Ring Design

1. Anyone can design their own engagement ring

You don’t need to be a designer to design your own engagement ring. If you have ideas, jot them down. Even if you’re not the best at drawing, our bespoke design process means that we can take your ideas and sketches and turn them into a workable and beautiful design.

2. A custom engagement ring needn’t be earth-shatteringly expensive

Not so long ago, anything bespoke cost at least three times the equivalent product found on the high street. At Durham Rose, our recommended minimum budget for a custom engagement ring is £950. According to Hitched, the average cost of an engagement ring in the UK comes in at £2,657. If you’re going to spend that much, you might as well look at bespoke options.

3. You don’t have to stick to the rules

Probably the very best thing about creating a custom engagement ring is that you can do what you like. It doesn’t matter what other people expect. So, if you want an engagement ring that reflects your interests or your lifestyle, featuring flowers, skulls, runic symbols or puppies, you can do it. And we can help.

4. It doesn’t have to be about diamonds

The De Beers diamond company did a great job back in the 1930s, persuading everyone that diamonds were the only option for engagement rings. They’re not! Of course, diamonds are beautiful and can make a stunning centre stone for an engagement ring. But many other stones – emeralds, rubies, sapphires, amethysts – can look incredible too. It’s all about what you do with them.

5. You can design your custom engagement ring online

It comes as a surprise to many, but at Durham Rose, we conduct most of our design consultations online. Of course, you can come in and see us if you prefer. But generally, we’ll schedule an appointment and have a chat about what you want from your engagement ring design. Then we’ll create the blueprint of your ring on a shared screen as you watch. We do it this way simply because it’s more convenient for most of our customers.

6. It takes about 5 weeks to create a bespoke engagement ring

The thing about custom engagement rings is that they’re all different. Some of the extremely intricate designs need extra work. The simpler rings may be made more quickly. But as a general rule, from the they time that a design is agreed upon by a client, it takes 25 working days to create a ring. And from the first consultation to sign off it will usually take 2-4 working days.

7. You can repurpose existing jewellery to make a custom engagement ring

If you’re lucky enough to have been bequeathed a family heirloom, or have lovely stones in a setting you don’t much like, you can use existing jewellery to create your engagement ring. This is a great way to save some cash. And can also bring additional sentimental value to your ring.

8. Your choice of metal will affect your price as much as your choice of stone

At the moment, the leading trend in engagement rings is for silvered metals. Platinum delivers one of the most popular aesthetics. But it can also be up to five times more expensive than white gold. This is because it’s rarer, denser, heavier and harder. If you’re working to a budget, it’s worth considering the alternatives.

9. You can still resize a custom engagement ring

One of the biggest concerns brought to us by clients is that they don’t know the ring size of their intended. While, of course, you want to get it right first time, it’s not the end of the word if you need to resize the band. Even with intricately detailed bands, we can change the size later without damaging the design.

10. Custom engagement rings can be modified

There’s a romantic belief that engagement rings are forever. And yes, that’s the ideal. But people’s tastes change. And so do their finances. By making a custom engagement ring now, you’re creating something beautiful, unique and absolutely special to cement your relationship. But we have plenty of customers whose rings have evolved over time. Cubic zirconia is often replaced by diamond as budgets allow. Larger stones are integrated into the design. Some couples even choose to inset additional small stones around the band of their engagement rings to signify the birth of children. That’s the beauty of bespoke design.

So, are you ready to design your own custom engagement ring? Check out our gorgeous gallery for inspiration. Or book your consultation today!