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Yellow gold was the go-to metal of choice for engagement rings and wedding bands for centuries.  But around the late 1990s, it began to fall out of style. White gold, rose gold, platinum, and palladium all crept in, and yellow gold seemed suddenly a little bit old hat. But for 2021, yellow gold is back. It’s partly thanks to the Meghan Markle effect. But it’s also because, given the right treatment, yellow gold can make a truly beautiful custom engagement ring.

Five Reasons to Consider Yellow Gold for Your Bespoke Engagement Ring

Yellow gold is timeless

The combination of yellow gold and white diamonds can be found throughout the centuries. It’s a classic aesthetic. The warm tones of the band can make your stones look clearer and seem to shine brighter. And it’s a fantastic way to add a vintage feeling to a newly made custom engagement ring. So, if you’re wanting to design an engagement ring, yellow gold can help you to create the character you’re dreaming of.

Yellow gold can be a contemporary choice

Conversely, yellow gold also works incredibly well for contemporary custom engagement ring styles. If you’re looking for a minimalist aesthetic that still catches the eye and wows, then a slim crossover style solitaire ring in yellow gold – with or without a platinum bezel – could be the answer. Created for a Durham Rose client, the ring pictured above is beautiful, eye-catching, and practical. All in one.

Yellow gold can make coloured stones appear warmer

Coloured diamonds and other gems are growing in popularity. They can be a beautiful way of adding a unique and special touch to a bespoke engagement ring. But one of the areas that many couples struggle with is finding the right metal to complement their chosen stone. And there’s no arguing against the fact that some combinations work better together than others. In a white metal band, naturally warmer toned stones, such as cognac and yellow diamonds can appear a little brash. While yellow gold brings out the warmth, and accentuates the tone.

Yellow gold works with most skin tones

While yellow gold is known for working better on warmer, earthier skin tones, with the right design, it can look good on anyone. Especially as part of an engagement ring.

Yellow gold is more cost effective than other metals

There is a tendency to think that cost shouldn’t be spoken of when it comes to engagement rings. But in reality, only the incredibly wealthy or the incredibly foolish will fail to take cost into account. And if you’re working to a tighter budget, yellow gold is a sensible option. Being one of the most affordable precious metals – thanks mainly to its availability – a yellow gold band leaves you more money to spend on your stones. Or, equally importantly, other areas of your wedding.

Yellow gold engagement rings are steadily coming back into fashion. But when you’re shopping for a custom engagement ring, it’s not always wise to let fashion be your guide. What matters more is choosing a style that means something to you, and that the person who’s going to wear it will love. Do that, and you can’t help but create something truly wonderful.

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