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Wedding Bands And Eternity Rings

Celebrating lifelong lasting commitment with a lifelong lasting ring. 

A symbol of eternal love, the wedding ring is a time-long tradition.  Wedding rings are circular in shape, they have no beginning and no end,  symbolising infinity.

It is endless; just the way love should be.

The wedding ring is an emblem of love throughout  time and a representation of a lifelong agreement between two parties, to love and cherish one another. Often neglected but deeply symbolic, the wedding band and eternity ring collection are just as important as the engagement ring. Read here for further information.
Our promise is that the ring you wear, will be for you and only you. We at Durham Rose, personally guarantee that the design of your ring will never be repeated. We ensure the uniqueness of your bespoke engagement ring and wedding ring due to custom manufacturing process that we utilise to create them.  Gain more reassurance by reading further, here.
Love takes many shapes and so do our wedding bands.

There are several different profiles of wedding bands that you can opt for in your bespoke journey. The profile refers to the shape of the interior and exterior of the band. It would be the shape you would see if the ring was viewed as a  cross section. To gain more understanding of ring profiles; please read our guide here.

The tradition of inscribing or ‘engraving’ romantic iterations and decoration on to wedding bands began in the courts of medieval Europe in the early 1500’s. As one of the easiest ways to personalise your ring, it is a great representation of your love and commitment for each other. To explore the possibilities of personalisation, read our guide here.
Finding a wedding band which aligns perfectly with your engagement ring is often a difficult task as many jewellers will not stock bands that fit flush to unique engagement rings. We aim to eliminate this problem by providing our clients with our ‘Perfect Fit Wedding Band Service’.  Find out more about our process of ‘ Made To Measure’ here.
Inlaid or two tone bands are an interesting design feature that allows for contrasting colours of precious metals to be combined. Inlays can vary from a plating of metal through to a more solid inlay. This distinctive design element can be incorporated into most custom designs. Interested in utilising two-tones and inlay design features? Find more information here.
The setting of stones into a wedding band is as historic and as traditional as the wedding band itself. Decorative and intricate detailing can be added through the setting styles, enhancing your wedding band. Each setting style provides their own advantages and unique look and we have created a comprehensive guide to help identify these, here.


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