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Proposal Ring

Here at Durham Rose, we appreciate that it’s sometimes hard to visualise something purely from images, without seeing a physical representation that you can hold within your own hands. Using the latest technology there are processes we can go through during your journey with us which will allow you to see a prototype of the design before you commit to the real thing.

Having your design produced in silver and set with Swarovski Crystals is a great way to see the most refelective physical representation. This process will still acquire the same manufacture time as the real thing, approximately 4-6 weeks. The cost to produce a proposal ring in silver starts from £200 incl VAT and the amount of gemstones that are within the design will dictate the price.


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3D Wax Model

Once we have agreed on a design that has been produced using our CAD software, ready to go through the manufacturing process, it’s possible for us to 3D print in-house using our 3D Printer a resin/wax model of your piece. The benefit of this allows you to physically see how your piece will look on your finger and help you visualise better how the real thing will look. It’s also possible to lay gemstones into the 3D printed model so you can see how they will sit on your finger within the design. Of course due to geography if it’s not possible for you to come and visit us in our showroom then we can mail the 3D printed model to you for you to see wherever you are in the world before you commit to the manufacturing process. The charge for this service is £70 incl VAT and is non refundable against the total cost of you order.


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