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The beautiful thing about designing your own engagement ring is that there really are no rules. When you’re working with a company like Durham Rose, you can do pretty much anything within the laws of physics. As long as the components of a ring go together, we can help you make something glorious. And customers come to us with enormously creative designs every day. But that doesn’t mean that tried and trusted styles can’t be made your own. And original takes on traditional forms still make up the majority of the most beautiful ring designs we work on.

These are the top ten styles that remain eternally popular.

Ten Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles

1. Solitaire engagement rings

With its single diamond centre stone, the solitaire ring has become the most iconic choice for popping the question. This is partly due to an ad campaign. And partly to its sheer beauty. While the design lends itself to simplicity, letting the stone do all of the talking, the solitaire engagement ring is also ripe for embellishment. Twisted, patterned and stone-set bands, or intricate settings can all turn a simple solitaire engagement ring into a piece of art.

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2. Trilogy engagement rings

As you might have guessed, the trilogy ring gets its name from the three stones that form its centrepiece. The stones are generally used to represent your life or your relationship, symbolising the past, present and future. Traditionally, three diamonds have been favoured for this design. But the trilogy ring provides the perfect opportunity to bring some additional colour to your engagement ring with the use of contrasting gems.

You can find many examples of trilogy rings in the Durham Rose back catalogue.

3. Vintage engagement rings

It might seem like something of an oxymoron, but designing your own vintage engagement ring is incredibly popular these days. The history of the design brings a kind of romance. And the styles are incredibly beautiful. Of course, ‘vintage’ covers a whole gamut of styles, from Georgian to art deco. You simply need to take the rings from your favourite era, and we’ll help you to customise the style to make it your own.

These are some of the vintage designs we’ve worked on for other clients.

4. Pave engagement rings

The pave ring (pronounced “pa-vey”) is the ultimate choice if you’re looking for sparkle. The setting consists of multiple mini gemstones attached to the band by dewdrops of metal. The result is a ring that looks like its been paved with precious stones. This style can work around a single centre stone, be built upon the band, or form the main focus of the ring. The choice is entirely yours.

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5. Halo engagement rings

Imagine a love child created by the mingling of the solitaire and pave rings, and you will come up with the halo engagement ring. Typified by a large centre stone embraced by at least one band of smaller gems, the halo ring is sublime. First popular in the 1920s, halo engagement rings have something of a vintage feel. But as with any bespoke design, you can easily give them a modern twist and make them entirely your own.

You can find inspiration for your own halo engagement ring by checking out some of our previous designs.

6. Marquise engagement rings

Bold and brilliant, the marquise engagement ring is formed around a large, tapered centre stone. The shape maximises the carat of the stone, with the cut accentuating the radiance, whether a single stone is selected, or the design is augmented with contrasting gems. If you are working with a marquise cut stone, you also have the option to experiment with some really interesting shapes – as can be seen with our example above.

If a marquise engagement ring piques your interest, take a look at some of our other client’s designs.

7. Princess cut engagement rings

Princess cut rings are distinguishable by their square or rectangular stones. This gives them something of a contemporary vibe, but if you add a halo you can create something with more of a classic feel. Whichever option you go for, a princess cut engagement ring will always be undeniably elegant.

You can see the contrasting styles possible with a princess cut engagement ring in our portfolio.

8. Rubover engagement rings

There’s a very contemporary feel to the rubover engagement ring. Characterised by a setting that cradles the main stone, rubover rings tend to be sleek and fuss-free. But that’s not to say that they can’t be stunning.  The setting also gives the stones the most protection. If you work with your hands, or simply prefer a minimalist look, the rubover is a design that will most likely appeal.

You can see how beautiful a rubover engagement ring can be by looking at some of our earlier work for clients.

9. Pear-shaped engagement rings

There is something deeply romantic about the pear-shaped engagement ring. It is soft and inviting and somehow timeless. It’s also quite unusual, which is what forms the basis of its appeal. The gentle symmetry lends itself to a range of settings and a variety of stones. If you choose wisely, you can create an engagement ring that is utterly unique.

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10. Heart-shaped engagement rings

Something of a new-comer, the heart-shaped engagement ring is essentially a ring with a heart-shaped centre stone. Diamonds are usually chosen for these rings. But, it’s your ring and therefore your choice.

See some of our previous designs for inspiration.

When you design your own engagement ring you can let tradition guide you or come up with your own distinctive style. The main thing is that you create something that you – and the ring’s intended recipient – love.

If you have an idea for your own ring design that you would like to discuss, contact the Durham Rose design team today.