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Selecting Your Stone

Most of our customers will choose a ring based on a central stone type or size. We have a live database of thousands of certified gemstones available which can sound a little daunting at first. Based on your ring design and budget, we will conduct a diamond/gemstone search to find 5-10 stones which meet your individual requirements. From here, our trained diamond and gemstone experts will lay them side-by-side and compare and contrast the different properties to create a shortlist of 3-5 stones.

We will then send you a document with High Definition images of the stones along with comments relating to the qualities and cost of each to help you to make a final decision. The Durham Rose staff will guide you through the process and make recommendations to ensure that you are satisfied with the final choice. It is common to find that the most expensive stones aren’t always the most aesthetically pleasing so this robust selection process and advice from our staff will allow you to find the best stone for you.

Some of our customers come to us with a family heirloom such as an ancestor’s ring that they want to reuse for sentimental purposes. Our expert ring makers will be more than happy to reset stones from other jewellery, allowing you to capture the memories and beauty of your existing piece.