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Can there be any greater New Year’s resolution than agreeing to marry someone? I resolve to give up my independence and commit to you… Yeah, you, even with all your weird habits and annoying sense of humour. It’s quite the statement of intent. And a resolution you don’t want rethinking on January 12th – official quitters day. So, no pressure then, if you’re the one doing the question popping. You just need to find a way to do the deed that is romantic, memorable, unique and envy-inspiring. Easy!

Actually, it really can be. Because the most perfect proposals aren’t all about show. They’re about real feelings. They’re about showing your lover that you know them – and you still want them! And if you think about that, that’s really quite incredible. So, if you’re planning a NYE proposal, forget about the whizz-bang – the fireworks will provide that – and focus on the person you love.

4 Ways to Make Your New Year’s Eve Proposal Special

1. Location, location, location

As any good estate agent will tell you, location is everything. And while Time’s Square and the Eiffel Tower scream out as romantic hot spots, the place of your first date can be just as emotional. Even better, if you can remember where you first met. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Michelin star restaurant or your old school playing field. What matters is what it means to you.

2. Celebrate your relationship

This might sound slightly corny and sentimental, but proposals are meant to be sentimental. It’s a time of laying-bare and showing how much you love. And a great way to do this is to recall your relationship so far. A scrap book or photobook charting your relationship – highs and lows, important moments, events, photographs, ticket stubs, anything that has meant anything to the two of you – is not only a great memento to look back at over the years, but a way to show how much thought you’ve put into this. How much you’ve loved being with them. And how much you want that journey to continue.

3. Select a ring that means something

One of the problems with buying an engagement ring is that over the years, the focus has shifted to become all about price. The best ring is the most expensive ring, according to popular opinion. But, in many cases, it’s not. An engagement ring should mean something. It should show thought and ideally reflect the tastes of both the giver and the wearer. That’s why bespoke engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular. They provide a chance to put yourself into the ring that your partner will always carry with them.

4. Use the season

New Year’s Eve has an atmosphere all its own. Everyone is still glowing from Christmas, and the night is lit with a series of sparkling, transitory constellations. There is a feeling of almost-universal optimism and joy not replicated at any other time of year. So use it. You could wait for the bongs and make your proposal as you exchange your resolutions. Who cares if it’s been done before? ‘I’m going to marry you’ trumps ‘I’m going to take out gym membership’ any day! If you’re more of the stay-at-home cosy couple, why not refresh the Christmas tree decorations with ‘marry me’ baubles, love hearts and a very special crown for the fairy. When else do you have such a range of available props and backdrops? It’s wasteful not to use them!

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