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Proposal Ring Service

Will my partner like the design?

What if the ring doesn’t fit him/her?

Will my partner say ‘Yes’

What if I lose the ring while we’re abroad?

Our Proposal Service

The Durham Rose Proposal Ring Service alleviates much of the pressure of popping the question. Once you have designed your perfect ring, rather than making it from a luxury precious metal such as platinum and using natural gemstones, we can make a replica ring for the proposal using Hallmarked sterling 925  silver and Swarovski gemstones. The ring can be rose gold or yellow gold plated depending on the look you want.

Reduce the cost without compromising

This service will dramatically reduce the cost of the ring without compromising its appearance and it will allow you the opportunity to propose in the knowledge that the final ring can be altered if needed. We pride ourselves on the quality of our proposal rings and needless to say, none of the recipients have known that they weren’t even wearing the real deal.

Occasionally a ring redesign or alteration may be required if your partner has something else in mind. We are more than happy to accommodate this and the cost of the process will be significantly reduced as the ring in question is not the final product. Similarly, in the very unlikely event that your partner declines your proposal, you will not be considerably out-of-pocket.

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