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Which Metal Should I Choose?

Deciding on which metal to choose for your custom made piece,  is a key factor in the design process. There are several factors that should  be taken into consideration due to the differentiation in metal properties. We have broken down these factors for you here, in our guide on Metal Selection.


Platinum’s increasing popularity, due to its natural white beauty and durability has become a prominent choice for engagement rings and wedding sets. The rich white colour of polished platinum, retaining its natural white lustre and its purity of 95%,  means not only is it a hypoallergenic metal with minimal cases of allergic reactions, but it is truly captivating too. Find out more about the properties and characteristics of Platinum, here.


Palladium is a rapidly favoured alternative to Platinum in metal choice. Palladium is just a naturally white as Platinum, but it is typically less expensive. Palladium rings are composed of 95% pure palladium which means they do not contain the metals that can cause silver to tarnish. Find out more of Palladium’s unique  properties and characteristics here.

White Gold

White Gold is a beautiful and popular choice for jewellery available in 9k, 14k and 18k. The higher the Karat, the higher percentage of pure gold within. Even though gold is a naturally occurring yellow metal, it is mixed with white alloys to produce a whiter colour. Typically, it is mixed with zinc, silver or palladium to give the metal its white colour. Find out more about how White Gold is created here.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold has always been one of the most popular choices for jewellery.  This tradition is still prevalent today in designs that have a vintage, feminine touch to them. Its warm tone compliments all skin tones and its natural yellow colour remains vibrant through the test of time. Discover more about Yellow Gold here.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold is an extremely popular contemporary  metal choice within the jewellery industry right now. Often referred to as ‘red gold’ or ‘pink gold’, rose gold gets it unique colour from adding copper alloys to yellow gold. Wedding bands in rose gold, for both men and women are becoming more common as  the choice for non-traditional, alternatives increase. Find out more about Rose Gold’s properties and characteristics in our guide here.

Mixed Metal

Customising your ring with mixed metals allows for beautiful range of design elements. Complimenting the clean whiteness of a metal such as, Platinum with a contrasting bold Yellow or Rose Gold allows your personality to be translated in to the piece along with your choice of gemstones, helping you create a perfectly unique piece. Have a look at our inspiration gallery and find out further here.

Contemporary Metals

For all of our bespoke pieces, we create them using precious metals such as Platinum, Gold, Palladium and Silver.  Metals such as Titanium and Tungsten are considered ‘contemporary metals’ and unfortunately due to the properties of these metals and the manufacturing difficulties, we do not offer them as possible metal choices in your design. Read here for our reasons on why.


Hallmarking is an official stamp of quality guaranteeing that you are getting the exact purity of metal that you have purchased. A hallmark is made up of a series of marks presented as engraved using a laser to the surface of the metal. It can be thought of as a unique ‘birthmark’; giving your forever piece a distinguished place of origin. To uncover more aspects of Hallmarking, read more here.

"They created magic from just one photo.
An utterly unique design."

Lauren Woodcock

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“They created magic from just one photo. An utterly unique design.”

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of our incredible designers

Our team and their wealth of experience will seamlessly guide you through the design process and create a unique, one off timeless piece of jewelery.

Get in touch with one of our incredible designers

Our team and their wealth of experience will seamlessly guide you through the design process and create a unique, one off timeless piece of jewelery.