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Meet Your Design Team

Find out more about the people who will be assisting you on your journey to perfection


Our founder, Manu has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and is a self- declared geek. Manu is fascinated by the law of physics, mathematics in action and combining mixed methodologies to provide people with the best possible solution/ outcome to a problem. These passions combined with the obvious gap in the market for bespoke engagement rings, exposed when searching for his partner’s proposal piece, Manu founded what is today ‘Durham Rose’.  

He has now found a way of actualising what most engineers dream of; overseeing a project from a singular thought or discussion, through to a piece that has intense sentimental meaning with the possibility of lasting for generations to come.

“I was at dinner with some close friends recently; 3 out of the 4 couples were wearing engagement rings that I had helped bring to life. That is the highlight of my profession: seeing meticulous design in a deeply personal context.”  

With regards to designing, Manu enjoys assisting in the creation of intricate and unique designs that challenge not only the design team, but the law of physics themselves. Lab grown diamonds, precision cut stones and palladium are some of his preferred materials to work with.


Our Senior Design and Sales Consultant has a degree in metalwork and jewellery from Sheffield Hallam, United Kingdom and has been designing incredible, unique, bespoke jewellery for the last 10 years since her graduation.

Faye was captivated with antique jewellery from her early years when she used to tour antique shops with her Mum and Aunties. She credits the fascination of each piece’s personal history as inspiration for her continued passion of jewellery design.

Faye first began her career designing for a platinum and diamond specialist where she realised her eternal love for diamond jewellery; especially diamond engagement rings. Faye then progressed to having her own business producing silver and gold jewellery where she crafted every piece on the bench, by hand.

She now has a profound love for creating bespoke, as the work allows for a deep balance between the exploration of client’s personalities and her technical creativity. Designing bespoke jewellery permits Faye to create lasting relationships with her clients and to become an integral part of their journey together.

With regards to favourite pieces, Faye has expressed an appreciation for Rose Gold and Ballerina rings. She states “There something very magical about them, the craftsmanship and the intricacy of the baskets”. Faye also enjoys projects involving emeralds and peridots, especially the contrast of diamonds and emeralds.



Melissa, our Design and Sales Consultant knew she had a passion for jewellery and small intrinsic objects from a very young age expressed through continuous exploration of her close family members jewellery collections.

Whilst growing up she always thrived in creative subjects at school. Melissa then studied Art after her A levels, which broadened her approach by working within different artistic specialisms. It was here she truly discovered her love for jewellery design. Exposed to this discovery, she then focussed her creative flair studying Contemporary Jewellery Design at Buckinghamshire University, United Kingdom. Here she learnt how to design, craft and explore jewellery by testing and expressing her creative vision through wearable objects.

Melissa then went on to begin her career in Hatton Garden where she worked with skilled craftsmen creating beautiful items of jewellery which would be cherished forever and passed down for many generations to come.

She loved being part of a customer’s romantic journey and seeing their emotive responses as she unveiled them the finished piece.  

Melissa  spent a year designing jewellery in China where she expanded her creative horizons with culture and travel and learnt the importance of self-expression.

Here she specialised working within the fashion industry.  

Melissa enjoys projects that blur the lines between fine and fashion jewellery to create something exclusive and thought-provoking. Designing the unconventional, mixing traditional details with the contemporary allows for a piece to truly represent one’s self and tell a story about the wearer.

Melissa has expressed Sapphires as her favourite stone to work with “Due to its vast natural spectrum of colours, striking look and ultimate versatility”.


Joan is responsible for creating bespoke pieces of jewellery following the highest standards of quality.

Trained as a jeweller by his father, Joan started in the jewellery at the early age of 14.

Being also trained in contemporary Jewellery in Barcelona Joan has also been involved in fashion and artistical Jewellery, where he learned how to work with alternative materials and alternative manufacturing methods.

Having an important background in CAD as well as in Jewellery manufacturing has allowed him to work for many bespoke jewellers across Europe and in the USA.

He has a big admiration for unique handmade pieces as well as he is passionate for the latest technology developments such as 3D Metal printing. His interest in jewellery goes beyond manufacturing as he is also an experience Jewellery teacher.


Callum our absolute lifesaver tech guru excel spreadsheet wizard has always felt a strong connection with the digital and technological world. Callum has been with Durham Rose from internship to their Graduate recruitment programme. He has a Degree in Computer Science from University of Kent. 

He is constantly inspired by technological advances of the world and has a greater interest for stats, numbers and spreadsheets.

Working for Durham Rose has allowed Callum to combine his fascination with AI, software, technological solutions to human problems with the excitement of an innovative company that is pushing the Jewellery sector into a digital contemporary direction. Also he likes Chicken wings, Pokemon and short central London commutes o its pretty perfect.


Elinor, our Design and Sales consultant has indulged a love of art and design since an early age and through a varied career has now returned to her long standing love of jewellery.

After initially studying Psychology at University, Elinor returned to her creative routes and undertook a Diploma in Jewellery Manufacture at Holts Academy in Hatton Garden. Since this training Elinor has worked with talented designers and various workshops creating bespoke wedding and engagement commissions, as well as creating collections for an engagement ring specialist.

Elinor enjoys being able to help couples to tell their own story through their jewellery.  She firmly believes that her career allows her to have “No two days the same” and states that being involved in such a happy momentus part of a couple’s life makes the job so much fun!

With a love of both antique jewellery and innovative design Elinor loves combining the old and the new in creating bespoke pieces that will become future heirlooms. In terms of jewellery style, Elinor loves to take inspiration from architecture and geometry, whether that is drawing on elaborate detail from an Art Deco design or from contemporary and understated forms.


Gemma our newest member of our Design and Sales team, has always had an innate love for jewellery from a young age. 

Though originally from Reading UK, her family emigrated to New Zealand where she spent 10 years of her life. Whilst there, she decided to make the big decision of leaving her degree in Fine Art Painting to pursue a career in jewellery. After wanting more work opportunities within the jewellery industry she moved back to the UK in 2014 and began her journey of bespoke engagement ring designing in London.

Gemma has a result, found herself working in and within a variety of roles in different areas of the jewellery industry from being an apprentice in a workshop, fashion jewellery, bespoke jewellery design and most recently working in ‘Antiques in The Lanes, Brighton’ gaining a wealth of knowledge and understanding.

Captivated by the delicate, intricate and sentimental value of antique and vintage inspired rings, Gemma has a passion for designing and creating pieces that focus on design elements such as filigree, intricate baskets and finished hand engraving. Old cut diamonds, unusual geometric stone shapes and Sapphires are some of the few stones that Gemma enjoys working with the most.

We are all looking forward to welcoming you to our Durham Rose family and supporting you through such a momentous life event with support and guidance throughout every step of our process.  

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