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Lab-Grown Diamond Rings

Outstanding, precision cut diamonds that maximise the beauty of the stone. 30% cheaper than natural diamonds. 100% Zero-conflict, ethically sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Lab-Grown Diamonds; Beautiful, affordable and ethical. Learn more about the stone that is revolutionising the diamond market & how Durham Rose use them to create one of a kind custom rings.


Lab-Grown Diamonds

Some examples of Durham Rose custom-designed engagement rings using lab-grown diamonds.

What Is A Lab-Grown Diamond?

The story of the Lab Grown Diamond is almost one of science fiction meets engineering innovation. Synthetic, cultured, cultivated, man-made, engineered or artificial diamonds are all synonyms for what is commonly referred to in the jewellery trade as a ‘Lab Grown Diamond’. By all comprehension, Lab Grown Diamonds are real diamonds; they are not to be confused with the many diamond ‘stimulants’ that are offered on the market at present.


Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Real?

Absolutely! This distinction should be made paramount in order to educate your opinion of selecting a Lab Grown Diamond as an ethical, eco-friendly alternative to mined diamonds, therefore, exhibit identical compositional characteristics of a natural diamond; such as fire, scintillation, sparkle. Lab-Grown Diamonds are optically, physically and chemically the same as a mined diamond; the only difference is one comes from the Earth’s Mines and the other from Earth’s Minds. They also match, and often supersede natural diamonds on the RI Brilliance scale for beauty and the Moh’s Scale of Hardness for their durability and strength due to the way they are engineered.


How Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Made?

Chemical Vapour Deposition (C.V.D) and High pressure, High Temperature (H.P.H.T) are both methods which can be used to mimic the natural growth process of a diamond under strict laboratory conditions. Chemical Vapour Deposition is the current, preferred manner in which to grow these diamonds due to the end result of producing an outstanding high quality, durable stone. Diamond seeds, a derivative of a natural established diamond, are placed within a specific diamond growth chamber. Methane and Hydrogen gases surround the seeds and envelope them stimulating the growth of the Carbon Atoms, creating diamond crystal structures over a period of 3-4 weeks. Monitored by highly skilled and trained experts, the diamonds are then harvested at their ideal growth stage in order to optimize their individual characteristics for the client’s forever stone. Due to their unique birth, these stones possess a much smaller carbon footprint, ensuring the environmental impact is minimal, unlike its natural counterpart. As these stones enter our world in a highly controlled laboratory environment, a Certification of Origin can be produced for each stone, allowing the client to trace their stone to its root origin ensuring their purchase is a zero-conflict, ethically made and a truly socially responsible choice of stone. Lab-Grown Diamonds have the same potential to be cut and shaped as any other stone.

Meet Your Design Team

The people with the creative expertise to guide you every step of the way. 


Our founder Manu enjoys assisting in the creation of intricate and unique designs that challenge not only the design team, but the law of physics themselves. Lab-grown diamonds, precision cut stones and palladium are some of his preferred materials to work with.


Melissa enjoys projects that blur the lines between fine and fashion jewellery to create something exclusive and thought-provoking. Designing the unconventional, mixing traditional details with the contemporary allows for a piece to truly represent one’s self and tell a story about the wearer.


Elinor enjoys being able to help couples to tell their own story through their jewellery. With a love of both antique jewellery and innovative design Elinor loves combining the old and the new in creating bespoke pieces that will become future heirlooms. In terms of jewellery style,


Captivated by the delicate, intricate and sentimental value of antique and vintage inspired rings, Gemma has a passion for designing and creating pieces that focus on design elements such as filigree, intricate baskets and finished hand engraving. 


Trained as a jeweller by his father, Joan started in the jewellery at the early age of 14. Being also trained in contemporary Jewellery in Barcelona Joan has also been involved in fashion and artistical Jewellery, where he learned how to work with alternative materials and alternative manufacturing methods.


Working for Durham Rose has allowed Callum to combine his fascination with AI, software, technological solutions to human problems with the excitement of an innovative company that is pushing the Jewellery sector into a digital contemporary direction. 

The bespoke process

5 Steps To Perfection

Our experienced team will seamlessly guide you through the custom design process and create a unique, one off, timeless piece of jewellery.

1. Consultation

Get in touch to speak with one of our experienced designers who can guide you seamlessly through the process.

2. Inspiration

View a selection of our past work and design concepts to get a better idea about the type of ring you want to create.

3. Design

Complete your design, get a complete price and review the finished piece in a variety of realistic renders.

4. Manufacture

When you’re completely happy with your design, our highly skilled craftsmen get to work and you’ll be updated at every stage.

5. Delivery

Once your ring has been inspected to ensure it meets our quality standards, we’ll call to arrange convenient, fast a fully insured delivery.

What Do Our Customers Say?



Stunning design, amazing quality

“Where to start, it’s difficult to put into words how excellent the customer service, design process, price and most importantly the ring are. During our design consultation, Melissa managed to design exactly what I pictured in my head, and sourced a diamond exactly to my specification.

Once we had finalised the design, and the manufacturing process began, Melissa kept in regular contact with updates and was quick to reply to any queries I had.  The final product is stunning, better than anything I have seen anywhere else, and most importantly, it’s unique. 

If you’re shopping for an engagement ring and haven’t found the right one, I would 100% recommend Durham Rose. Prices are comparable, the quality is amazing and the whole process is enjoyable.”

Tegid Lloyd

Ready To Get Started?

We’ve trodden the path hundreds of times before so whether you have a clear idea about your requirements
or are just looking for more information, let us guide you seamlessly through the journey by getting in touch today.

Future Value

You’re probably looking to create an engagement ring as a symbol love and commitment, not with the intention of selling it down the line but future value is understandably something you are considering. As lab grown diamonds are a recent addition to the world of fine jewellery their future value is not yet known. The majority of diamond jewellery does not significantly appreciate in value over time, at least not in the wearer’s lifetime, and investment diamonds (of significant size and rarity) make up a very small proportion of diamonds traded. If someone is lucky enough to inherit your bespoke ring the value will be sentimental, because it’s from you.


All the white diamonds we source for your designs will be certified if they are above 0.30ct. Whether your diamond is lab grown or mined, it is graded in the same way and your diamond certificate will provide details of the Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut from a reputable diamond grading laboratory. In addition to your certificate, it is now common practice for certified diamonds to be laser inscribed on the girdle with the certificate number and if lab grown it will also be inscribed with an ‘LG’ or ‘Laboratory Grown’ identifying the origin of your stone. (This inscription is really tiny and only visible through a 10x loupe.)


Whether lab grown or mined, we always recommend insuring your diamond jewellery. Your insurance should cover the replacement value of your jewellery (as opposed to the resale value). As fine jewellery is made of precious metals and gemstones that fluctuate in market value it is always important to get your jewellery valued every couple of years, so that you are covered to the correct amount (your invoice should usually be suitable to cover you for the first two years). You should also be sure to keep your original diamond certificate in a secure place and make note of the report number allowing you to download an electronic copy of your certificate from the grading laboratory.


Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds and should be looked after in the same way. Although diamonds are the hardest known mineral, making them an excellent choice for your engagement ring, this doesn’t mean they are invincible. All jewellery should be treated with love and care. We advise that you don’t wear your jewellery when doing anything where it could become knocked or damaged (rock climbing, DIY, washing up to name a few) as a knock in the wrong place could dislodge or chip a diamond. Read more about how to care for your jewellery here.