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Lab Grown Gemstones


Moissanite is a form of silicon carbide. It was originally discovered by Henri Moissan when he was examining a meteor crater. Natural Moissanite is incredibly rare and the lab grown Moissanite is almost exclusively used in Moissanite jewellery today. Moissanite is a favourite for it’s bright white colour and unparalleled sparkle. In fact it has an even higher refractive index than diamond. The neutral pallet of Moissanite makes it incredibly diverse and it is popular for use in engagement and wedding ring jewellery to suit every taste. Moissanite scores an impressive 9.25 – 9.5 on Mohs hardness scale making is suitable for everyday wear. At Durham Rose we offer Charles and Colvard Forever OneTM Created Moissanite, which is internally flawless to very slightly included and in colours DEF-GHI. Charles and Colvard Moissanites come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and Certificate of Authenticity. Read about how to care for your gemstones.


Below is a selection of rings that contain moissanites that we have worked with:

We at Durham Rose, provide our clients with Moissanites sourced primarily from Charles & Colvard who are world renown for their outstanding understanding and creation of high quality, ethically produced Moissanites. 


  •         Beauty: Depth of beauty
  •         Affordable: Up to 1/10th of the price of Diamonds
  •         Ethical: 100% conflict free, zero mining and sustainable
If you would like to speak to a design consultant about making your Moissanite dream come true, contact us today
“Moissanite: Durham Rose can source and create your Moissanite dream ring. See our past work with Moissanites and book a consultation today”

Chatham Gemstones


At Durham Rose we offer Chatham created gemstones. Chatham creates lab grown gemstones putting natural ingredients in environments designed to replicate nature and form gemstone crystals. Chatham gemstones have the physical, chemical and optical properties that are designed to be identical to those found in their natural counterparts. Due to their controlled conditions Chatham gemstones are grown with more reliability and fewer inclusions than natural gemstones. Chatham gemstones are available in a wide range of varieties, including Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds and Alexandrite. Chatham Gemstones come with a Lifetime Warranty and Certificate of Authenticity. Read about how to care for your gemstones.


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