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Commitment rings have been part of social history for centuries. They’ve been used as a declaration of love or intention at times when marriage is not imminently possible – for whatever reason. They’ve been used to denote lasting friendship. Back in the 16th and 17th centuries, they were even used in business as a pledge of loyalty or a reward. Today though, the commitment ring is all about romance. Maybe you don’t want to get married but need your lover to know that you’ll be there. Perhaps you do want to get married, but now is not the time. Or, maybe you’re already married and don’t fancy a vow-renewal ceremony but want something special to show that your commitment is unwavering. Whatever the reasons driving you to look for a commitment ring, there will be one guiding principal that you will share with every other person who has purchased one: you’ll want it to be special.

While a goodly range of commitment rings are available off the shelf, if you want a piece that truly encapsulates the sentiment that you’re trying to convey, there’s no better way than to design one yourself.

What to Consider When Planning a Truly Personal Commitment Ring

The recipient

When it comes to designing the ‘perfect’ insignia of your commitment, there are two things that matter more than anything else: your recipient and you. Far more important than the value of the metal or stones you select is the meaning that the materials have. And that your recipient likes them. So, before you start, sit down and think about the person who will be wearing the ring. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What metals do they prefer to wear?
  • Do they have a favourite stone, or colour? While diamonds are synonymous with romance and engagement rings, commitment rings have no particular stones associated with them, allowing you freedom of choice. Birthstones can often work really well.
  • What sort of jewellery do they favour? Light and or bold? Embellished or simple? Understated or statement-making?
  • Is there an emblem that matters to them – or your relationship? Many people favour hearts for commitment rings, but flowers and eternity symbols also work well. As do single stones and clusters.

The giver

Although you won’t be the one wearing the ring, there should be something of you in it. Because this is, after all, the symbol of your commitment. There are various ways to do this. Some people choose a centre stone to represent the recipient, then surround it with smaller stones to represent themselves. Others choose to create the band from two metals; a stripe of gold embraced in platinum, for example, to represent the giver and the gifted. Alternatively, there could just be a nod to you in the design; a forget-me-not worked into the filigree; a message inside the band. However you choose to do it, adding yourself to the picture will make the ring more special than you know.

The statement

Of course, another important element to consider is what you’re trying to say with your ring. Is it ‘stay with me forever, even if we don’t believe in marriage’? Or is it ‘wait for me, we’ll marry soon’? Or maybe just ‘you matter’. The design you choose for your commitment ring can denote your intent. Symbols like Ouroboros, the tail-swallowing snake represent eternity. A key represents faithfulness. Flowers can symbolise friendship. And of course, gem stones also carry meanings. The garnet denotes fidelity. Sapphires symbolise love and commitment. Opals are a sign of lasting confidence. Lapis lazuli is known as the gem of friendship. These are all elements you can use to create a ring that carries your personal message.

Designing Your Commitment Ring with Durham Rose

Once you have an idea of what you want from your ring, the Durham Rose design team can help make it into a reality. You can either come to us with your own design and we can help you refine it. Or, if you just have nebulous ideas to build upon, we can help you to shape them. Using CAD software, we can create photo-realistic renders before you commit to making your commitment ring, allowing you to see exactly what the ring will look like upon completion. Then, when you’re happy, we’ll get to work, casting, shaping and polishing your very personal piece of jewellery.

If you’d like to find out more, please do get in touch.