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There are lots of things to consider when designing a custom engagement ring. The band metal, gem type, configuration, and style. But there’s one other area that can significantly impact upon the overall look of your finished ring. Stone shape. Whether you choose a 20 carat diamond or a an amethyst, the cut of the stone can change the entire aesthetic of your engagement ring. So, what are the options?

Stone Shape Choices for Your Custom Engagement Ring

Round brilliant

It’s the perfect symmetry of the round brilliant cut that makes this style of stone so popular for both engagement rings and other jewellery forms. They can hold their own in straight solitaire style rings. Or make a fantastic focal point for a cluster or trilogy ring. Round brilliants are typically laser cut these days. But if you’re wanting a softer, more romantic feel, you can find ‘old cut’ round brilliant diamonds, shaped using traditional hand-crafting methods. Expensive, but often worth it for the result.

Princess cut

One of the most scintillating stone cuts, the princess cut can posses up to 144 facets. Bold and bright, these stones have something of a sassy reputation. While the princess cut can be used well in cluster, halo or trilogy rings, they often look their best in clean, uncomplicated designs. This is why they lend themselves so wonderfully to a more modern aesthetic.

Oval cut

There is a beautiful timelessness to the oval cut stone. It doesn’t matter if you’re working with alexandrite or rubies, the oval cut is classy, elegant and can work in a range of designs. From the classic style of the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring to a more pared back contemporary look. The oval cut is truly versatile and truly beautiful.

Heart shape

With its enduring symbolism, there’s little surprise that heart-shaped stones remain a popular choice for custom engagement rings. But few people will realise where this tradition came from. The first documented heart-shaped diamond was not selected for a high-profile engagement, but rather as symbol of royalty. In fact, one of the best known heart-shaped rings was sent as a goodwill offering from Mary Queen of Scots to Queen Victoria in 1562. But history aside, there’s no denying that a heart-shaped stone makes an outstanding choice for a contemporary engagement ring.

Marquise cut

First seen in the 18th century, the marquise cut stone is a relative newcomer to the jewellery industry. The shape is said to be based upon lips of Jean Antoinette Poisson, the Marchioness Madame de Pompadour – mistress of King Louis XV of France. Because of this, the marquise cut is considered sexy, stylish and sophisticated, And it can make an outstanding choice for a custom engagement ring. You do need to be careful with your design choice when working with a marquise cut stone however. The prominent points mean that the stones can be easily damaged. The stone-set arms embracing the central marquise cut emerald of the featured ring were designed to protect the stone without detracting from its brilliance.

Pear shape

The pear cut gemstone dates back to the 1400s. It has remained popular simply because it is beautiful. Its graceful symmetry lends itself to a range of designs. But the pear shape probably looks at its best in a halo.

Emerald cut

As the name suggests, this cut was originally used for shaping emeralds, which were prone to chipping when cut using traditional diamond forms. While it’s not as brilliant as some of the other stone cuts, it does have its own attractions. Not least, the large, flat front, which lends itself to shine. The straight lines make the emerald cut particularly suited to more stylistic designs, including those inspired by the Art Deco movement.

Every gemstone cut has its place and there’s no right or wrong decision when it comes to choosing the stone cut for your bespoke engagement ring. After all, the whole point of buying bespoke is to get a ring that works for you. And of course, there are more cuts available than just these few. But knowing the basics can help you to make a more informed decision.

If you’d like some advice on choosing the best stone for your custom engagement ring, contact Durham Rose today.