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Emerald Rings

Design your own ring that’s unlike anything else. We guarantee originality when our design experts turn vision into reality.

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The Journey Begins with You

We believe our clients should be at the centre of everything we do. You will be assigned a dedicated design expert who will talk you through every stage of the process, translating your ideas and inspiration into reality with a beautiful custom ring. Our motto is that if a concept follows the laws of physics, we can make it.

The Emerald Collection

We have crafted several catalogues of custom rings to inspire you and rouse your inner designer. The computer-generated images have been created to provide you with a range of ideas and combinations should you be feeling overwhelmed by endless possibilities. Take a seat, relax and have a look around. Remember, the images are simply conceptual; every piece we make is beautifully bespoke and designed specifically to your taste. After all, why settle for run of the mill when you can have perfection?


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