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Select the perfect diamond shape for you. Round Brilliant diamonds are undoubtedly the most popular for their fire and sparkle but if you are looking for the variety and character of a fancy shape then see what else is available.
The size that suits your design, your taste and your budget. Carat weight refers to how heavy a diamond is. It is indicator of the size of the diamonds, however, you should refer to the measurements of the stone to get like for like comparisons.
The quality of a diamonds is arguably all about cut. An Excellent cut diamond will be fashioned so that it’s proportions, symmetry and polish result in superb brilliance, fire and sparkle. 
White diamonds are graded by how colourless they are in appearance. D-F are Colourless, G-I are Near Colourless and K-Z are Tinted. The difference between each colour grading is slight and saving on colour can free up spending on the other Four Cs.
Clarity is an assessment of the number and position of visible inclusions in a diamond. For some shapes such as Emerald cut diamonds clarity is key, while for other more brilliant cuts, inclusions can become less noticeable.

Clarity is graded using the following abbreviations: IF/F meaning Internally flawless/ Flawless, VVS meaning Very Very Slightly included, VS meaning very slightly included, SI meaning Slightly Included and I is Included.

Polish grading is a recognition of how finely a diamond cut was finished. A diamonds Polish should enhance the cut by not interfering with light return.
Diamonds cuts are carefully calculated and planned for optimum light performance and beauty. The facets in a diamond should be perfectly aligned and shaped. 
The depth of a diamond will impact the light performance and appearance of size. If a diamond is deep a lot of it’s carat weight will be ‘hidden’ beneath the stone where it can’t be enjoyed and the diamond will look smaller. Depth of a diamond also impacts light performance and a diamond that is too deep or too shallow will leak light.
The table needs to be well balanced to the proportions of the diamond. For a Round Brilliant diamond, the table should be around 54% – 57%
Fluorescence is the phenomenon in a diamond that causes a stone to produce a colour reaction (usually blue) in response to ultraviolet light. ‘Strong fluorescence’ is generally avoided as it can make a diamond appear hazy, however in some instances, faint blue fluorescence can improve the appearance of a diamond with low colour, in making it look whiter in daylight.
Our diamonds above 0.30ct will come with certification from an independent, reputable diamond grading laboratory. These include The American Gem Society (AGC), the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the International Gemological Institute (IGI)
Choose any special criteria for your diamond; Crafted by Infinity (CBI) for their impeccable cut quality, Mined diamonds from the Earth, Canadian diamonds with guaranteed provenance, or Lab Grown diamonds taking advantage of cutting edge technological developments.
Length-Width ratio of a fancy shaped diamond can be a matter what suits your personal taste and the ring design but it can also impact the beauty of the stone. Ideal ratios for different fancy shaped diamonds include Emerald diamonds = 1.34 – 1.43, Oval diamonds = 1.35 – 1.45, Pear diamonds = 1.47-1.65 and Marquise diamonds = 1.90 – 2.10


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