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There’s no denying that the engagement and wedding ring market is generally geared towards women. It’s what tradition dictates and society expects. But increasingly in recent years, we’ve been receiving requests for bespoke male engagement rings and customised wedding bands. And it’s a trend that is being recognised globally. Of course, a lot of this is to do with the long-overdue legalisation of same-sex marriage. But we’re also seeing a growing number of women looking to create something special for their prospective spouse. So, what do you look for in a male engagement ring or wedding band? And how do you go about designing your own?

Designing Your Own Custom Engagement Rings and Bespoke Wedding Bands for Men

The thing to remember when designing your own custom engagement ring for either a man or a woman is that almost anything goes. You can work to the individual’s tastes and styles – that’s the whole point of creating your own. So, when you begin the design process go back to basics.

Think about:

  • Metal choice.
  • Whether you wish to include any stones, and if so, which stones will most appeal to the intended wearer.
  • And don’t forget that when it comes to rings, size really does matter. Not everyone likes big rings. So, choose a style that will suit the wearer – big and bold or subtle and understated with a special personal touch.

5 Design Ideas for Male Engagement Rings

Bezel setting

One of the reasons that many men opt for rings without stones is because of the proud settings. If you work with your hands, a raised diamond or other gem can easily get in the way, risking damage to the stone, the ring and potentially the wearer. The solution to that is the bezel setting. With bezel set rings, the metal completely surrounds the stone, holding it securely in place and preventing it from snagging on anything. It’s a strong, contemporary look which can work well with a variety of metals, stones and design accents.

Detailed band

If you’d still rather avoid stones, it’s possible to create a real wow of a ring with band detailing. Adding detail to the band of your custom engagement ring is a great way to really reflect the personality of the wearer. The pictured steampunk-inspired ring was created for an engineer. We absolutely loved the finished product, and – importantly – so did he.

Mixed metals

Mixing metals is another really lovely way to add a unique flavour to a bespoke male ring. The two tones really draw the eye, and can provide a little bit of symbolism – the two metals united in one ring as the two of you will be in your marriage. This design feature works well with or without stones.

Add colour

Male engagement rings and wedding bands all too often err on the side if boring. Adding colour, whether through a bright yellow gold brand, or an attractive stone/stones can really lift a ring from the ordinary to the spectacular. But it needn’t be an in-your-face effort for all that. It’s entirely possible to create something that is both delicate and elegant while standing out from the crowd.

Split shank

The split shank is a popular design choice for brides. But it can work wonderfully well for male engagement rings too. With a plain band you have strength and masculinity. There is symbolism in the separate parts of the band coming together. And there’s an opportunity for low-set stones to add a bit of sparkle.

Designing a custom engagement ring or bespoke wedding band is a really lovely way to create a lasting, physical representation of your relationship. Women have always known this, which is why the value of the engagement ring has nothing to do with its bling. It’s about carrying your relationship around with you. It’s personal and it’s special. And that’s why more and more people are opting to buy bespoke.

If you’re interested in designing a custom engagement ring for your partner, book your Durham Rose design consultation today.