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Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite

Charles & Colvard Created

Hardness: 9.25 Mohs

Enhancement Code: N/A

Quality Information:

Very Good: Man-made, slightly tinted greenish yellow, good cut, very high dispersion Forever Brilliant® Very Good: Near colourless; eye clean; excellent brilliance; good cut; good polish

Care: N/A

Major Sources: N/A

The beauty of the rare gem Moissanite is like nothing else on Earth – in fact, it was born from a star. Fifty thousand years ago, a meteorite crashed into the Arizona desert, scattering fragments for many miles. Hidden in them was a brilliant secret waiting to be discovered: a new mineral whose brilliance, radiance and lustre surpassed that of Diamond itself. This mineral was called Moissanite, named for Nobel Prize-winning scientist Henri Moissan, who studied the meteor’s fragments in the 19th. century.

Naturally occurring quantities of Moissanite are so small, however, that gem-size crystals did not exist until 1998, when Charles & Colvard introduced laboratory-grown crystals to the international market.

Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite boasts fire, brilliance and lustre beyond all jewels.