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Find out what stone is represented by your birth month and discover their origins, deeper meanings and how you can incorporate them into your custom made ring with Durham rose.

January- Garnet



The birthstone for January, comes in a huge array of varieties and colours; However, the most popular is the deep red colored garnet. This stone first became popular in the bohemian era in Europe in the 18th and 19th century and then used widely in Victorian jewellery. Many representations of this stone relate to friendship and trust. Named from the Latin ‘granatum’ meaning “seed” referring to it’ resemblance to the pomegranate seed; this stone is a mouth- watering choice.


February- Amethyst


The birthstone representing February, has a long and interesting history. From modern Russia to the Ancient Greeks & Romans, this gemstone has tons of symbolism for every culture. Thought to symbolize Royalty with it’s purple hue this stone was also symbolic within the Catholic Church and has been worn in the rings and on the breastplate of the high priest Aaron (Exodus 39). This stone has also been used in many different cultures to help with health issues as it was believed to have great healing powers.


March- Aquamarine


March’s birthstone is Aquamarine. Derived from “Aqua”, this gemstone was thought to protect sailors out on the stormy seas. A Roman legend stated that the stone absorbs the atmosphere of young love: “When blessed and worn, it joins in love, and does great things.” Formed from the mineral species of ‘beryl’, this cool blue colored stone is durable and pure. With a hardness of 7.5 on the Moh’s scale, this gem is easy to care for and is widely used in many types of jewelry.


April- Diamond


The hardest known substance on Earth is the ultimate symbol of deep and everlasting love. The word diamond actually comes from the word ‘adamus’ which translates to unbreakable or extremely hard, the lustre of a diamond is called adamantine. It is a fantastic choice for jewellery as it is the hardest and most durable stone, with exceptional sparkle and fire.


May- Emerald


May’s birthstone, represents youth, growth and intelligence as seen in the deeper green colour. Coming from ancient Persian ‘smargados’ simply meaning green stone, it’s rich color has been seen from royal crowns to rings and more. It has been recorded as being incredibly popular in Roman times, worshipped by the Inca’s, adored by Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, and coveted by the Spanish Monarchy. More rare and valuable than other stones, the Emerald is known for the joy it brings.


June- Alexandrite/ Pearl/ Moonstone


Having more than one birthstone, Pearl, Moonstone & Alexandrite, June’s birthstones are as unique as it comes. Extremely rare and having “color-changing” abilities, the Alexandrite is green in daylight and changes to a purple-red hue in incandescent or artificial light. The pearl, too, is rare as it is the only Gem that is created by a living animal. Moonstone is also a ‘phenomenal’ stone, showing a stunning adularescence on the milky white colour of the stone.


July- Ruby


Arguably the most famous of red colored stones, is the gemstone for July. Representing health and wisdom this gem comes from the ‘corundum’ mineral species. Hardest of natural gems aside from diamond, it is durable enough for daily wear and is a striking option for it’s deep and vivid red color. The rarest shade of ruby is referred to as ‘pigeon blood’, this refers to the most highly saturated colour and natural red fluorescence possible in a ruby.


August- Peridot


The birthstone for August, has historic “powers” for healing and warding off nightmares. Formed deep within the Earth, this gem is brought to the surface in many ways, but most commonly due to volcanic eruptions. The largest known deposit is found in San Carlos Apache Reservation in Arizona. Peridot is known as both a day stone and a night stone, keeping its shining color even under artificial lighting. For this reason, it is sometimes called “Evening Emerald”.


September- Sapphire


Protecting lovers for centuries, the Sapphire is September’s birthstone. Coming in a variety of colors, but best known for it’s blue to violet color, this ‘corundum’ mineral has been used to help romance lovers and protect from harm. Like the Ruby, the Sapphire or Corundum mineral is the second hardest mineral. The rarest shade of sapphire is known as ‘Kashmir’ sapphires which have the velvety medium to dark vivid blue colour.


October- Opal & Tourmaline


These two incredible stones have become the staple birthstones of October. Opal and Tourmaline are both some of the most beautiful and untraditional of all gemstones. Tourmaline is one of the most varied stones in terms of colour, coming in many colors of the rainbow. It is even seen with 3 colors in one stone, known as tri-colored. A famous variations in the ‘watermelon’ tourmaline which is either cut with one half being green and the other half pink, or it’s cut through the crystal which gives you a pink centre and a green outer circle. Opals come in different varieties as well. They are mainly mined in Australia, the most famous and expensive one is black opal from lightning ridge.


November- Topaz/ Citrine


Topaz and Citrine Quartz, often mistaken for the other, are the representative for November birthdays. Topaz with it’s orange-pink undertones of color has been prized since ancient periods of time. Citrine, known as a healing stone, has represented warmth and energy due to it’s orange hues. Both stones come in a wider range of colour, particularly topaz, which can be found blue, pink, white, green and different shades of each.


December-  Tanzanite/ Blue Zircon/ Turquoise


December birthdays can celebrate their month with Tanzanite, Blue Zircon, or Turquoise birthstones. These stones are all famous for their varying shades of blue color, and each with a unique set of characteristics and structure. Tanzanite is a stunning purplish blue gemstone which is only mined in Tanzania, it has become highly popular in recent years as an alternative to sapphires. Blue Zircon is a relatively unknown and unused gemstone but can have a brilliant blue colour which can also be used as a sapphire alternative. Zircon, like diamonds also demonstrates outstanding brilliance, with high dispersion and fire. Turquoise is a well known opaque stone that is used a lot in native American jewellery. It is was also regularly used in antique jewellery, namely in the Victorian era. Fine jewellers like Tiffany & Co have also used turquoise in a more modern style creating bright and beautiful pieces.


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“Birthstones: Find out what stone is represented by your birth month and discover their origins, deeper meanings and how you can incorporate them into your custom made ring  with Durham rose.”


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