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The major advantage of designing your own custom engagement ring is that apart from the laws of physics, the rules do not apply. You don’t have to go for the trending styles or the most popular stones. You can mix and match design aesthetics. And you can select design elements that uniquely carry meaning for you. Whether that’s cogs within the ring band, or a mathematical equation hidden within the setting of the stones. As long as it’s right for you and your lover, nothing much else matters.

However, when you’re first considering your bespoke ring design, it can be a good idea to look at what’s commonly available to help you shape your decisions. So, in this blog, we’re going to talk you through the most popular custom engagement ring styles.

The Six Most Popular Styles for Custom Engagement Rings


Characterised by a single centre stone held in a traditional claw setting, the solitaire is the most simple – and possibly the most iconic – of engagement ring styles. Elegant and uncomplicated, it might seem an awkward one to make your own. But with the different setting styles, gems, stone shapes, and band embellishment, there is no shortage of potential in these rings.


Symbolic of past, present and future, trilogy engagement rings are redolent of romance. And hold oodles of potential for personalisation. Distinguished by three centre stones, there are so many ways that you can make this style your own. With contrasting gem colours, stone formation, band design and even the mixing of metals, trilogy rings simply cry out for the bespoke treatment.


The halo engagement ring gets its name from the circlet of smaller stones that surround the central gem. While diamonds are the most popular choice in halo engagement rings, the beauty of custom design is that you can choose whichever stones suit your style (and budget). Although the typically chunky style of the halo ring can seem unsuited to busy modern lifestyles, with a bezel setting, you can have all the wow of the halo and none of the headache. With a custom design service, you can make any style your own.


Pavé engagement rings feature diamonds, or other precious stones, within their band, to add lustre to the centre stone. Often combining the elegance of the solitaire engagement ring, with the sparkle of the bolder styles, the pavé is a ring that kind of has it all.


More contemporary in style, rubover engagement rings embrace their central stone with a continuous band of metal. Aside from the stunning modern aesthetic, there are several major benefits to the style, including stone security, stone protection, and the optical illusion which can often lead to the stone looking larger. How you design your custom rubover engagement ring is down to you, but many people love the rubover because it opens up the potential of more unusual stone shapes.


Vintage-inspired custom engagement rings have never been more popular. They carry a sort of sumptuous grace that can’t be found in other styles. There is a warmth to them, and the hint of a story – in this case, one still to be told. But unlike antique rings, bespoke vintage-inspired rings carry no frailties. The settings are strong. The band untarnished. And the stones are clean and undamaged. Working with your own dedicated designer, you can create your own classic piece of jewellery, with all of the character but none of the imperfections of a genuine antique piece.

Your custom engagement ring can be anything that you wish it to be. Simple or ornate, bold or understated, vintage or contemporary. Whatever images you have in your head, we can help bring them to life. But understanding the basics of ring design can give you a head start.

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