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Custom engagement rings have become increasingly popular in recent years. As technology has evolved and techniques have changed, companies like Durham Rose have found ways to make custom ring design accessible to a wider number of people. The opportunity to design your own is there for almost everyone. But why would you want to go to that effort when you can pick up a ready-made engagement ring on every high street?

5 Reasons to Design Your Own Custom Engagement Ring

1. Your custom engagement ring is uniquely yours

Every engagement ring is special to the couple it belongs to. But a bespoke engagement ring has a piece of you in it. When you design with Durham Rose, you can actively shape your ring. Adding, removing or changing elements. You can take traditional formats and build upon them. Or you can go for something completely unique. All of the choices are completely yours, meaning that no one else will ever have a ring that is exactly the same as yours.

2. You can find the perfect ring without endlessly trawling the shops

Most people have a good idea about what they want from their engagement ring. But when you have an image fixed in your head, it can be difficult to settle for anything less. This can mean trawling jeweller after jeweller, in the hope that ‘the one’ will be waiting. With a custom engagement ring, ‘the one’ is just waiting for you to make it.

3. No need for compromise

Engagement rings are special things. The sentiment they carry is incomparable. And your engagement and wedding rings are probably the items you’ll wear more than any other thing you own. And that’s a very lovely thing. But it does mean that small compromises can come to be large annoyances over time. Finding the perfect design in the wrong metal or with a stone you wouldn’t have chosen is a fairly common experience. By designing your own custom engagement ring, you don’t need to jump that hurdle.

4. Budget control

Engagement rings cost money. There’s no two ways about it. And custom engagement rings aren’t any cheaper than ready made. But the beauty of the custom engagement ring is that you can discuss your budget up front with your designer. If it looks like your choice of materials is going to push the price up beyond your means, your designer can make suggestions that could keep costs down while still maintaining the spirit and style of your design. This might be a change of band material – exchanging platinum for white gold, for example. Or showing you different stone options and styles to suit your budget. That way, you still get the perfect ring without also gaining an enormous debt.

5. The story


Every engagement ring carries its own story. It’s the story of you and your relationship. It’s how you got to where you are. And the unwritten story of where you’re going. But a custom engagement ring has another story too. It will carry memories of how you made the ring; the design process; the research you carried out; maybe the pains you went to to ensure the surprise. And with Durham Rose, you’ll even have a special photo book showing you how your ring was made.

Your engagement ring will be perfect, whatever you choose. High street or haute couture, it will be a magical thing that means so much more than we could ever say. But a custom engagement ring has a little something extra too. Both in terms of sentiment and practicality. And with Durham Rose, you can create your perfect ring from the comfort of your own home.

Because Durham Rose design consultations can be conducted online and we are able to create your rings in isolation, we remain open and ready to help during the Covid-19 pandemic. We all need a little hope right now. So, let’s plan for your future together.