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You’ve Got £100 Off Your Puchase. Yay!

Referral Promotion

Welcome to the Durham Rose family, you have been chosen by your friend to receive a very special gift. If you design a bespoke piece with us you can receive £100* off your purchase, and your friend earns a £100 Amazon voucher.

We are here every step of the way, to make ‘going bespoke’ beautifully easy and accessible for anyone wanting to create something unqiue




To claim your £100 off contact us below

Read More About the Durham Rose Experience

The Durham Rose Experience

It all starts with a complimentary design consultation which can take place in person or online! We will use our specialist 3D modelling software, giving you the experience of seeing your design being built in real time. We are also here to help you with all things jewellery related, from understanding the four C’s to selecting the perfect design that will work with your lifestyle and budget.

Following your consultation you will receive photorealistic images of your design to make sure that everything is perfect before proceeding to the next stage.

Virtual Consultations

Design From Home

Book your consultation now the same way you arrange a work meeting or a coffee date with a friend. Just before your scheduled time, we will send you a web link to join the call, and you will see your designer and his/her computer screen. We will explain the process in detail and help you express your ideas, while we translate them into a ring design before your eyes. Not quite ready? You can also ask for more information or request a preliminary phone call with us.


In-Person Consultations

Not Your Normal Jewellery Store

Rather do it in person? We can do face-to-face too (most of the time!)
Things are a little different these days, but if you are more comfortable with an in-person consultation, please contact us. Due to current global health issues, your appointment may be subject to specific conditions.


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